Furniture and Accessories

Every single furniture piece you see in our stores, whether it be a sofa, a chandelier, a table or a curtain, all are individually hand-made in our own “Design House”, which comprises of a team in relentless pursuit of refinement with scrupulous attention to details.

Our Philosophy

Shakespeare and Co. was first established in the burgeoning metropolis of Dubai in 2001 and has evolved into a repertoire of 50 restaurants across the world. While our concept’s success is largely attributed to our excellence in food and beverage, it is our exquisite furniture and unique ambience that makes the dining experience more fascinating.

Our Products

Our furniture design and production is the culmination of over 17 years of development. Our product offering ranges from sofas, dining chairs and tables, cabinets, lampshades and lampstands, flowers arrangements, chandeliers, decorative frames and mouldings. We are currently working on a new catalogue to provide you with our latest additions.

We Create

From raw materials

We Produce

In our own Design House

We Custom

To perfectly meet your needs

Shakespeare and Co. Central Kitchen and WarehouseDubai Investment Park 1 – Dubai, UAE • Phone: +971 4 885 4330

Handcrafted in DubaiSince 2001